Katie Mason, Attorney, Milwaukee, WI

I have known Rebecca professionally for over a decade, and I am always impressed by her intelligence  stamina, and resolve.  Rebecca is quick thinking, hard-working, and practical.  She has a knack for cutting through the noise to get to the heart of the issues so that she can resolve them as efficiently as possible, but […]

Brian Ellison

Deciding to move our company into Chapter 11 was initially a difficult decision. Rebecca was a huge help in breaking down the process- making us realize that not only was this the best decision, but also gave control back over the business so we could focus on maintaining value and exiting without damaging relationships with […]

Joe Brydges, Attorney, Madison, WI

Attorney DeMarb’s professionalism and legal acumen are top notch, as is her diligence as a Ch. 128 receiver and advocate for her clients.  I am consistently impressed with her attention to detail and practical approach to representing her clients.  In short, Rebecca and her team are fantastic to work with.

Steve Rokyo, The Peakstone Group

I have known and worked with Rebecca for more than 10 years on a variety of transactions. She is impeccably competent, hard working, highly ethical, and tenacious. Rebecca is a natural leader, is very creative and able to think effectively about a challenge from multiple angles. She is a good teammate on a project and fun […]

Cassandra Schienebeck

As the Human Resources Manager of a company going through Chapter 128, Rebecca was instrumental not only in her position as Receiver, but in a supportive role, which we needed as well. She truly cared about the outcome of this company and its sale. This showed in her drive, responsiveness to the needs of the sale […]