Acting As Receiver To Maximize Your Return

Rebecca DeMarb brings over two decades of experience as an insolvency attorney representing all the players to her efficient and business-orientated receivership practice.  Since 2008, companies have assigned their assets to her and creditors have had her appointed over a wide variety of businesses.  In the past year, DeMarb Brophy has added three experienced members to the receivership team. The team is ready to take on receiverships of businesses, no matter how large or small, how straightforward or complex, how cooperative or litigious. 

Rebecca moves fast to determine the most effective way to get to the sale of the business assets.  Rebecca does not just manage other professionals. When she is working on a case, she oversees all aspect of the business.  She efficiently gets up to speed to make the best decisions on whether or how to operate the business, and how to sell its assets.

The Need to Maximize Return to the Creditors, Not Just the Sale Price, Drives Rebecca’s Receiverships. 

How to maximize that return differs with every business, so Rebecca never uses a cookie-cutter strategy. Some businesses need financial consultants.  For other smaller or simpler businesses, DeMarb manages the cash flow and oversees operations directly.  Some businesses should operate through a sale because they can be cash-flow positive during the receivership proceedings, their value is materially higher while operating, or sometimes the costs of shutting them down outweigh the cash-flow losses.  A full two-step sale process will maximize the return on some assets, while others may need a quick operating sale, and still others generate better results in different processes, such as farm-style auctions. 

Rebecca always works to bring the diverse interests in any given case together to get through her receiverships while minimizing litigation.  However, even if Rebecca is at home driving value in operations and the sale process, she and her team are never afraid to litigate and fight when necessary.  Many of her appointments have been highly contested, but those confrontations have not affected her results.   In the end, Rebecca focuses on the goals at hand – to maximize value while getting to a sale, to pick the best sale process for each case, and to maximize return to creditors.

In-Depth Analysis To Protect Your Financial Interests

As receiver, Ms. DeMarb analyzes each case independently, with a cost-benefit analysis of the various options at the forefront of her decision-making. Together with others at DeMarb Brophy LLC, auctioneers, real estate brokers, business brokers and consultants, Ms. DeMarb focuses on finding and achieving the maximum return on the assets over which she has been appointed, while always taking the cost of achieving the return into account.

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