Facilitating Successful Business Sales And Transactions

The attorneys of DeMarb Brophy LLC, have extensive experience negotiating, structuring, financing, documenting and closing sales of business assets and real estate in Wisconsin and the surrounding region. We work both in and outside of bankruptcy or receivership, and increasingly we work with business sellers without any court proceeding or involvement whatsoever. We partner with both distressed and healthy businesses to facilitate your sales and maximize your return.

Decades Of Experience To Efficiently Guide Buyers And Sellers

Additionally, we represent buyers of businesses, business assets and real estate in a Chapter 11 or Chapter 128 case. There are times when Chapter 128 receivers, Chapter 7 trustees or Chapter 11 debtors find it necessary to sell assets entrusted to them, including real estate. If you aim to either efficiently sell or buy assets, we can help you do so.

Our lawyers have conducted dozens of such sales for receivers, trustees and Chapter 11 debtors over the last 38 years. We know how to navigate the sales process in such proceedings for buyers and sellers.

We work closely with environmental consultants, accountants and other professionals to ensure our clients are taken care of throughout the process.

Contact Us For The Experienced Guidance You Need

Let our team of experienced transaction attorneys guide you through your next purchase or sale. Call DeMarb Brophy LLC, at 608-310-5500 to schedule a consultation to discuss your business’s options. You may also contact our Madison office online.

We have partnered with small and mid-market businesses from a diverse array of industries. We can carefully evaluate your unique firm and ensure that you have the information you need to make the right decision for your company.