Strategic Business Reorganizations And Workouts Towards Profitability

The attorneys and staff of DeMarb Brophy LLC, have decades of experience advising and representing businesses in financial distress. Yes, we file bankruptcy cases. However, we consider ourselves first and foremost to be problem solvers and advisors. We spend far more time investigating and solving our clients’ problems outside of court than inside of court.

How Do We Reorganize A Business?

To reorganize a business, we negotiate on behalf of a client with banks and other lenders, trade creditors, and governmental agencies to solve the client’s entire financial problem, not just the one that may be hot that day or that week. This holistic approach means that when our retention is complete, there should be no need to consult with us again anytime soon.

As part of the reorganization process, we negotiate and draft forbearance agreements, loan restructuring documents and other agreements that allow businesses the best opportunity to work through their financial distress. Problem solving, though, is more than just investigation, negotiation and drafting. It is follow-through and implementation.

Gain A Team Of Honest Advisors

We advise our clients and help them solve problems. To be sure, we are lawyers, and we bring a lawyer’s talents to any problem. But we also understand that legal solutions are not always the best or most effective initial steps to address business and financial problems. We will not hesitate to tell you if we think a nonlegal approach to a problem might be the best course to take, and we will recommend bankruptcy only where appropriate.

Through our professional team and a host of strategic alliances with other legal, accounting and business professionals, there is virtually no challenge facing a small or middle-market company that we cannot tackle. Please peruse our other pages to read more specific information on the types of services we provide your firm. We would love to give you a list of the Midwest companies we have worked to reorganize, but those companies want to keep their financial past private.

Uncovering The Right Solution For Your Firm

When it makes the most sense, we help companies sell their real estate and other assets. When we have no other choice, we skillfully file and run a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. Thankfully, we spend most of our time working with businesses to privately and effectively reorganize so that they are well-positioned for the future. We find business solutions within the framework of the legal environment, not the other way around.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Business Goals

When your business is in financial distress, you deserve to work with a dedicated and experienced team to help you move forward. Call our Madison, Wisconsin offices at 608-310-5500 to schedule a consultation with our thorough lawyers. You may also contact DeMarb Brophy LLC, online.