Finding The Right Debt Relief Solution For Your Business

Even the best businesses can fall into financial distress. Uncontrollable factors may have pushed your firm into the red, and you know that you must take action. At DeMarb Brophy LLC, we can help your company find the right solution for its fiscal instability.

There is no single solution that can help all firms. Instead, we will carefully analyze your business and recommend legal or nonlegal solutions that can offer you the best chances of success. Our first goal is always to identify opportunities that can steer your business toward long-term profitability; however, this is not always possible. If necessary, we can lead you through the bankruptcy process.

Providing Comprehensive Financial Guidance

Our firm provides comprehensive guidance through your financial troubles. Depending on your unique situation, we may assist you with:

  • Undergoing business reorganizations and workouts
  • Selling real estate and other key assets
  • Facilitating business transactions
  • Completing cost-benefit analyses
  • Representing your interests in or out of court
  • Negotiating with your bank or creditors
  • Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

We thoroughly research every case and ensure that we understand all the factors impacting your business before we make recommendations or implement changes. We can assist all small and mid-market businesses and have extensive experience with a variety of industries, including: manufacturing, restaurants and entertainment centers, retail, biotech, health care, real estate and telecommunications.

Contact Us To Get Your Business Back On Track

When you work with DeMarb Brophy LLC, you know that you are working with an honest and experienced legal team. Rebecca DeMarb has been board certified in business bankruptcy since 2005 and can clearly identify what steps to take to benefit your firm.

Call our Madison office at 608-310-5500 to schedule an initial consultation with our accomplished lawyers. You may also contact us online. We partner with businesses throughout Wisconsin and surrounding states.