Traumatic brain injury signs you cannot ignore

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The car accident may not have seemed especially serious or violent. You felt sore but did not feel it required a doctor’s examination. Then, you feel nauseous and extremely fatigued. In the days after a crash, you must remain aware of any signs of illness or injury, especially since these symptoms may point to a […]

4 reasons your OWI breath test may not be accurate

Drunk Driving

In the Badger State, if you have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08%, it is against the law to drive a motor vehicle. If an officer suspects you of operating one while intoxicated, you are vulnerable to a variety of criminal and other consequences.  To confirm your BAC is over the legal limit, an officer may […]

For Wisconsin Businesses, A Tough Year Gets Tougher


The only thing individuals and businesses can count on in 2020 is that they should expect the unexpected. A year that began with continued economic growth and high consumer confidence quickly gave way to an economic crash fueled by a global pandemic. An unemployment rate in the teens with no sign of letting up combined […]

Covid-19 & Chapter 128 & Bankruptcy Filings


These are tough times. The future remains uncertain for individuals, families, and businesses in Wisconsin and across the nation. We will get  through this and we can help. Extended unemployment benefits, small business loan programs, and stimulus checks only go so far, leaving many wondering how they will manage to make ends meet and keep […]

DeMarb closes on sale of an essential business under the governor’s order and to keep business operating in Wisconsin

Business Debt Relief

Attorney Rebecca DeMarb was appointed the Receiver over the assets of Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC, under Chapter 128 in early February. Quality’s business, headquartered in Marinette, Wisconsin, was an “essential business” pursuant to the Stay at Home Order. The business was divided between custom assembly, primarily for medical and fire suppression devices, and the […]

Understanding Wisconsin’s ignition interlock device laws

Drunk Driving

A Wisconsin drunk driving charge has the potential to upend many parts of your life if it winds up leading to a conviction, and it may impact you financially, professionally and otherwise. In addition to paying fines, attending substance abuse treatment and possibly having to spend time in jail, you may also find that you […]

Texting, driving and cognitive distraction

Personal Injury

Navigating Wisconsin roadways alongside other motorists, truckers and motorcyclists is no easy feat. In fact, driving is one of the riskiest tasks you can engage in. In 2018 alone, the National Safety Council estimates that more than 40,000 people died in car accidents across the United States. At least 3,614 people died in distracted driving […]

What bankruptcy options exist for businesses?

Business Debt Relief

Most people have certainly heard of businesses declaring bankruptcy, but many are unclear on exactly what debt relief options are available to business organizations. If you are considering bankruptcy for your business, you should consider whether the company’s position is so dire that it cannot recover, even if some debts were lessened or eliminated. Or, […]

Second OWI offense? The penalties can be serious.

Drunk Driving

You’ve been through this before. The first time you got charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI), you paid a fine and lost your driver’s license for a few months. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t such a big deal. This time, they’re threatening you with jail time. How do drunk driving charges work […]