The Benefits of Bankruptcy

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The word “bankruptcy” carries a negative connotation. This should not be the case however, as bankruptcy is a very beneficial tool. Despite what is widely believed, bankruptcy can actually leverage your credit score. Additionally, you will become free of certain debts. Read more about the many benefits of bankruptcy here. For help with identifying an […]

What Is the Symbol in Our Logo?

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Our firm consists of a powerhouse of attorneys achieving the results our clients deserve in complex cases presenting unique matters. Our award winning attorneys efficiently fuel your case with a wealth of legal experience and honest guidance. We thoroughly and efficiently tailor representation to each client’s unique problems. Let us fuel your case with the leverage […]

How Would Biden’s Proposed COVID-19 Relief Package Impact Small Businesses?

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American Rescue Plan, Biden’s proposed $1.9 trillion relief package, offers targeted help to restaurants, airlines and key industries. It adds a small amount to the PPP pool of funds, but does not include another round. By the way, where are the lobbyists for gyms?   Link to Article